Luthier Supplies

A few of our favorite guitarmaking innovations.  
Now available to factories and solo builders alike.




Multi-Axis Kerfing

Our patented, multi-axis kerfing can flex against it's long and short axis to line the dramatic arch of a guitar back as easily as a tight cutaway. No need to cut this liner into sections or blocks.

We've temporarily suspended sales of our kerfing in order to revamp our production process.
We hope to be offering it again in early 2018. We're very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. 



Kerfing Clamps

These lightweight acrylic clamps are designed to exert soft, uniform pressure against the kerfing as it dries to avoid distorting the tonewood. Available in two different fits to accomodate triangular and parallel-face liners.  


Standard guitar requires approx. 72 Standard Clamps. Cutaway guitar requires approx. 66 Standard Clamps, 8 Narrow Clamps.

Parallel-Face Liner Clamps (For Ryan multi-axis kerfing)


1 Standard Clamp (A4-C350-1) - $3.18


10 Standard Clamps (A4-C350-10) - $27.60


1 Narrow Clamp (A4-C236-1) - $2.25


10 Narrow Clamps (A4-C236-10) - $19.50

Triangular Liner Clamps (For traditional, commercially available kerfing)


1 Standard Triangular Clamp (TRI-C350-1) - $3.18


10 Standard Triangular Clamps (TRI-C350-10) - $27.60


1 Narrow Triangular Clamp (TRI-C236-1) - $2.25


10 Narrow Triangular Clamps (TRI-C236-10) - $19.50

Replacement Bands for Either Clamp Style


10 Replacement Bands (A4-C-RB) - $2.00

Bridge Pins

Titanium bridge pins provide incremental clarity and iridesence to the top end sound of the guitar. These pins are designed with an industry-standard taper to retro-fit any instrument in your collection. 

Titanium Bridge Pin Sets, No Inlay


Recessed Pin Head Style (BP-TI) - $100


Rounded Pin Head Style (BP-TI-NR) - $100

Titanium Bridge Pin Sets with Real Shell Inlays


Paua Abalone (BP-TI-P) - $120


Green Sea Snail (BP-TI-GSS) - $120


Mother-of-Pearl (BP-TI-MOP) - $120


Black Tahitian Pearl (BP-TI-BTP) - $120


Gold Pearl (BP-TI-GMOP) - $120

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Shell Inlay Strips

Our suite of precision-milled, time-saving inlay products, including our patented, ground-breaking "ZipFlex" material, is available through our companion site: