Design Innovations

Our core insights and breakthroughs

For thirty years, we've pushed the acoustic guitar toward the pinnacle of design efficiency to reach the next level of comfort, refinement, and acoustic response. Here's what we've come up with so far. 

Engineered Laser Cut Bracing. Strong and light for an exquisitely responsive soundboard. Plus Acoustic Honeycomb. Eliminates plate distortion and further reduces soundboard mass for iridescent tone. 

Spherically-Arched Back. Combines the focus and comfort of a standard body with the powerful acoustic voice of a deep-bodied instrument. 

Low Profile Neck. Our proprietary micro-adjustable truss rod supports an ultra-rigid yet slim neck shape. With Extended Scale Length. Facilitates responsive string tension while the guitar is set in alternate tunings.

Integrated Fretboard Binding. Precision-milled fret slots ensure the strength of the fretboard over time.

The Ryan Bevel. Provides the ultimate ergonomic comfort for long performance sessions. With Acoustic Flutes. Situated on the Ryan bevel, these elegant sound ports direct and reflect sound from the guitar’s interior toward the player’s ear.

Custom Machines. Super 510 machines, in black or gold chrome, feature an 18:1 gear ratio for precise stay-put tuning. 

Precise Intonation. Oxbone saddle with CNC-milled string compensation is set in a reduced profile bridge to maximize clarity and volume.

Each Ryan guitar is furnished with abalone shell or wood marquetry details, fitted with custom titanium bridge pins, and coated with a brilliant UV diamond-gloss finish.